My Lost Loved One
A Place Where Your Loved Ones Can Be Remembered

        Not long after my father passed away, my 9 year old daughter started asking questions about her late "Grandpa Bubba", including how he died. My Dad fought off Cancer for 8 years, however it took a toll on his body and on January 26th 2014, we lost him. She said she didn't remember him having hair, although they had spent a lot of time together before he went through his final Chemo rounds. I showed her some photos of them playing outside while he had a pretty full head of hair.

        My father was a remarkable man, and the thought of my daughter growing up without knowing how he lived his life brought me to tears. So I decided to do something about the situation and came up with My Lost Loved One. I want my daughter to be able to visit his grave site and with a quick scan of his QR Code, be able to hear his voice, see pictures of him and even listen to him sing.

        My goal is to help give a face, background and even a voice to those who have passed on. This site and database will always be free to add a Loved One. I plan to offer merchandise, such as the LLO Post, plastic and adhesive QR Codes. Once you add a Loved One, their Profile will be placed in a temporary database. You'll be sent a confirmation code to your registered email address. You will be able to assign up to 5 additional users who can edit or update the Loved One's Profile.

        I have added a few script programs which are activated only on special occassions.

        The profile is designed to be compatible with any mobile device and adapts to fit individual screen resolutions. Below are a few examples of what app looks like from a various phones during a Military Appreciation Day Theme. The first two are the main index page, which is displayed when the QR Code is scanned.

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