My Lost Loved One
A Place Where Your Loved Ones Can Be Remembered

        Welcome to My Lost Loved Ones. Once this website is complete, you will be able to create a profile for a Loved One who passed away. You can customize it by adding pictures, write a Biography and even upload voice clips. My goal is to keep this website free and available for our Future Generations, so they can learn about us and how we lived, even long after we're gone.

        Once the profile is finished, the QR Code will never need to be updated or replaced. You will be able to print the QR Code, or purchase from an assorted variety of decorative posts and plaques. I will be developing additional merchandise to place on headstones.

        UPDATE: 1/17/2018. I have added several new features, which will be active when the program is officially released. One such feature is the ability to leave a message for your Lost Loved One. They can be private message which only you can see, or you can choose to add them to their Memories Page. There are so many things I wish I would have told my Dad before he died, and even though I know he is not around to read them, it has helped me to accept his passing. I can't help but to think that this same feature might help others to move forward.

Ronald Mistarz Sr

Solar QR Pole      Solar QR Pole 2

        I was only going to design a QR Scan Code and Solar Pole for my Dad, Ronald R. Mistarz Sr. However as more people learned about the concept and asked how they can add their family members, I realized that this concept is one that the entire world can utilize.